Operational Scenario 2

Operational Scenario 2

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For this Assignment consider the following Operational Scenario:

You are a new chief of police for an agency in the United States. Because of your ability to implement organizational change, you were hired by the city manager over other candidates mostly from within the agency.

You have learned that there is severe distrust by employees of the department because you are an “outsider” hired by the city manager to “clean house.”

Further, the Police Department has been plagued by low levels of trust between the citizens especially those in lower socio-economical areas and patrol officers. Most of the patrol officers are content to just show up to work and answer calls for service. Self-initiated activity (vehicle stops, suspicious person contacts, probation searches, etc.) is non-existent.

You hear some officers created special tattoos and challenge coins depicting the Grim Reaper and the Police Department Patch. Additionally, the specialized gang enforcement team will not allow anyone to enter their work area without their permission; management included.

You have several changes you would like to make but the city manager has a project for you to start on immediately. Prepare a 3–5 page assessment for the city manager explaining the current culture of the Police Department. At a minimum, include artifacts and observed behaviors to strengthen your assessment.

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