Research paper
Based on the Department of Defense (DOD) Operation INHERENT RESOLVE (OIR):
Briefly describe the greatest challenge to coalition success in this operation. Then, thoroughly explain how that challenge could be overcome through the lens of ONE of the following joint functions (Command and Control, Intelligence, Fires, Movement and Maneuver, Protection and Sustainment). Fully support and defend your answer using logic and citations of supporting material where appropriate (course material, doctrine, outside sources).
To be successful in this assignment, you must display critical thinking as you analyze specific joint elements surrounding OIR.

The paper must: include a Cover Page, Abstract (with 200 words), the Paper, & Endnotes as a single file,
•answer the question.
•display critical thinking through analysis and logical argument.
•display accurate understanding of joint topics.
•be well written throughout – grammar, organization, presentation.
•be a 1200 (+/- 50) word paper – does not include Cover Page, Abstract, or Endnotes.
•have 1-inch margins on all sides.
•be in Times New Roman 12pt font for all text except Endnotes which may be 10pt.
•be double-spaced except for Endnotes
The abstract is an important part of the paper. For this assignment an Informative Abstract (Informative abstract explains information in a larger work and includes results, conclusions and recommendations) is the most appropriate form to use. Your abstract should address:
•Motivation or Problem – establish why your paper is important and worthy of being read.
•Method of Analysis – explain the approach you took to fully analyze the topic.
•Findings or Results – describe what was learned through your analysis.
•Implications or Conclusions – provide any implications or conclusions that resulted from your analysis.
•be 200 words (+/- 50 words).

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