Opening Debate Statement


Write a two page statement to be presented at the beginning of the debate (see instructions at page bottom).****

****You are on the pro- side of whether or not torture is ever justified-not whether or not it should be legalized; arguing that in extreme and time sensitive cases torture would be justified. Despite all the evidence showing why torture is an ineffective method of both information extraction and corporal punishment, a well-reasoned argument must be presented to support the limited instances in which torture is acceptable or justified.****

****Refer to this link for helpful information****

Each group must meet together and write up a two-page statement to be presented
at the outset of the debate by either an elected group spokesperson or by each member
reading a part. This will then be followed by a brief rebuttal period, during which the
opposing group’s members must each pose one critical question. Then, the other group
will present their statement, followed by a rebuttal. The floor will then be opened, for the
remaining time, to questions from the audience. Each group member will receive a group
grade and an individual grade based upon participation. Each debate will be allotted
approximately one hour.

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