Online learning vs Traditional learning

An essay (1000-2000 words) containing at least four sources cited according to MLA style
Using the Internet, locate two articles (2-3 pages in length) for each part of the topic that you are comparing or contrasting. In other words, you need to find at least four articles that share the points on your topic that you wish to compare or contrast. Be sure to select articles that are from reputable sources such as news magazines, scholarly journals, or well-known blogs.
As you search, keep a record of all the articles you consider by providing a citation or a link to each one.
Be sure to cite the articles used in this assignment according to MLA style.
Your introduction should provide a brief overview of the research topic.
Your thesis should indicate whether your draft will focus on the similarities, differences, or both between the articles, and it should prepare readers for the body paragraphs. It should also indicate which side you prefer.
Your body paragraphs should include specific evidence (summaries, paraphrases or quotes) that help readers understand the points you are making.
Your conclusion should indicate the effects of the disagreements on this topic. Why is compromise possible/desirable or not?

Please use these two articles as base for the coparative essay:

And these others for references or expanding on subjects.
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