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Discuss Oktoberfest and re-invent it. Compare current model with insights on how you will improve it in marketing, sponsorship, and operational areas.

1. Share insights into vision and mission, state the 6W or any creative premise that may use the realm of event experience and the 5 areas of event. What is of interest to you in these areas of the event and why stronger or weaker compared to other models of this event (2 pages)

2. SWOT 2 operational areas from the events’ infrastructure operation domain. How would your reflect on them to refine the overall event foals from what is working well or not form observation. Project ideas available. (1 page)

3. Determine 3-key SMART objectives and specific tactics for the events project you hope to establish to improve this event form areas covered here. How could it act to support future or hurt areas of tourism where event is staged? (3 pages)

4. Identify any areas or method of funding sources and financial support gate, sponsors, etc. What would you do to improve on overall tourism revenue for the event regarding outreach by developing new ideas, promotions, contest tie ins, etc. strategies for this event to drive more dollars to location? (2 pages)

5. Develop a full needs assessment survey to assure measurement results for success of planning in your sponsorship program. State some of the key learnings you may find here on audience (2 pages)

6. Develop a layered sponsorship program model after reviewing needs assessment findings. Will this be an effective sponsor structure in its reach to support sponsor demos in the tourism marketing strategies you established and why? (2 pages)

7. Determine or suggest any business strategies deployed to build the best marketing mix and social media strategy for the improved event. Citing marketing theories and information from needs assessment (1 page)

8. Recommend your final 3 key insights on the most effective elements of their event design or weaknesses from your research and analysis of event design. State any improvements you might suggest based upon learnings and theories (2 pages)
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