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Create a travel brochure- Want to go on a vacation? Create a travel
brochure with maps, pictures, and details that correspond with Odysseus’
journey from Troy to Ithaca. Make the buyer want to take this most amazing
journey ever.
These are the places that should be included in the brochure:
? Troy (start here where the Trojan War ended)
? Ismarus, Greece where the Cicones Army fought Odysseus’ crew
? Africa, the land of the Lotus Eaters where Odysseus’ men forget they
want to go home
? Sicily, where Odysseus blinds the Cyclops
? Aeolia Island, where Odysseus got the bag of winds from the Wind King
? Italy, where Odysseus lost most of his men to the Laestrygonians, the
cannibals who sink most of his ships and eat one of his men
? Aeaea, Circe’s Kingdom, where Odysseus’ men get turned into pigs
? The Underworld, or the Land of the Dead, where Odysseus consults
with the spirit of Tiresias
? The Mediterranean Sea, where Odysseus listens to the songs of the
Sirens, crosses paths with Scylla, the Sea Monster, and steers past
Charybdis, the whirlpool
? The Island of the Sun God, where Odysseses’ men eat the cattle of the
Sun God, and Zeus kills all of Odysseus’ men
? Ogygia Island in Africa, Calypso’s Island, where this sea witch goddess
falls in love with Odysseus and keeps him captive for 7 years
? Phaeacia, Greece- where Odysseus meets King Alcinous and Queen
Arete and tells them the story of his journey
? and Ithaca, Greece, where Odysseus returns home to suitors that are
plundering and trying to court his wife

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