Obesity in Middle Childhood

Obesity in Middle Childhood

You are what you eat!

According to Figure 10.1 in your text, the rate of obesity in American children has more than quadrupled since 1970, rising from 4% to over 15%. As we have learned in previous chapters, physical, socio-emotional, and physical development do not occur in isolation. These developmental domains overlap considerably, each dramatically affecting the other. In this Discussion Board we will be examining both the cause, as well as the direct and indirect effects of obesity in childhood. Watch this lecture by Jamie Oliver: http://www.ted.com/talks/lang/en/jamie_oliver.html

Research at least two web articles involving the correlation between childhood obesity and one of the following topics. Include information on the reading assignments as well.

Correlating Factors:

Parental support of physical activity

Parent’s weight

Child’s diet and fast food

Violence in neighborhood

Gender Expectations



Diabetes II

Parental Responsibility

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