Nutrition Research Project

Step 1:
Pick a topic within Nutrition to explore in depth. I have included a list of possible topics below. You can pick a topic that is not on the list just make sure you run it by me first. I encourage you to use this assignment as an opportunity to explore some of the topics within nutrition that we didn’t have a chance to cover.
Step 2:
Research your topic. You should use a minimum of 5 sources.
Step 3:
Organize your project. Since every project is different you will have to figure out how to best organize your project. As a starting point, figure out what subtopics you would like to cover. If you need help please let me know.

You can choose one of these topics to write about.
Possible Topics:
Vegan or Vegetarian Diet
Embryonic Nutrition
Infant Nutrition
School Lunch Programs
Nutrition and the Immune system
Organic Foods
Eating Disorders
Food Allergies/Intolerance

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