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30 questions for grocery store scavenger hung

1. Where is the hummus located?
2. Out of all the brands available, which is the healthiest choice in reference to
number of carbohydrates, fat, and protein?
3. Looking at store brand breads, out of all that have WHEAT in the title, which
would be a healthier choice?
*Special clue: check serving size.
4. Locate the Red Delicious Organic Apples and the regular Red Delicious
Apples. What is the difference in price between them?
*Special note: Apples are the “Most Dirty Food” according to “The New Dirty
Dozen: 12 Foods to Eat Organic” by “Topping the dirty
dozen list is a tree fruit that always makes the list: Apples. (Apples ranked No. 2 in
2009 and No.4 in 2010.) More than 40 different pesticides have been detected on
apples, because fungus and insect threats prompt farmers to spray various
chemicals on their orchards. Not surprisingly, pesticide residue is also found in
apple juice and apple sauce, making all apple products smart foods to buy
5. How many different types of peppers are located in the Produce Section of the
6. Which is more inexpensive: A large pre-packaged container of cut
strawberries – OR – a package of fresh strawberries?
7. What is a serving size of pasta?
8. Which brand/s of ROTINI has the most protein?
9. What is the ‘Light Preparation’ of Kraft Macaroni and Cheese?
10. How much sodium is in the entire package of Cheeseburger Macaroni
Hamburger Helper?
11. Compare store brand canned and frozen corn. Which is healthier? Canned
Sweet Corn Frozen
Sweet Corn
Of the healthier choice, provide (per serving) Calories: ___________ Fat: __________
Carbohydrates: __________ Sodium: __________ Protein: __________
12. What aisle is the quinoa in?
13. Which brand of pre-made, canned chili is healthier?
14. Compare the whole grain versions of Chef Boyardee to the regular products
looking at the carbohydrates, fat, and protein.
Which is healthier?
*Special clue: check, don’t assume
15. When selecting beef hamburger meat, which is the best cut to choose?
Ground Beef, Ground Chuck, Ground Round, Ground Sirloin
16. How many brands of cereal are there (minus any organic brands that may be
in the aisle)?
17. Looking at Whole Wheat Cheez-Its and regular Cheez-Its, which is healthier
and a better choice?
18. In what aisle are the cooking sprays?
*Special note: According to, “Since a small amount of
cooking spray effectively coats a cooking surface with cooking oil, cooks can use
sprays to add oil to a frying pan or lubricate a baking dish without also adding
excessive fat and calories. A light spray of olive oil flavored cooking spray contains
significantly fewer calories than a drizzle of olive oil directly from the bo le, but is
just as effective because a small amount of spray goes a longer way. A quick squirt
of butter-flavored cooking spray can grease a baking dish with the same
effectiveness as a pat of softened butter. As a result, food prepared with flavored
cooking spray not only contains fewer calories and grams of fat, but also tastes
less greasy than similar dishes prepared with traditional oils and fat.”
19. What is a serving size of nuts?
20. What is the average serving size of a frozen pizza?
21. Calculate the total fat and calories in a Tostinos pizza. Fat:_________
22. Compare the plastic bag of store brand Deli Style Oven Roasted Turkey to
store brand Deli Sliced.
23. What is the difference in sodium? __________________ What is the difference
in fat? ___________
24. Which is a healthier choice?
25. Looking at store brand All-Natural Sour Cream and Original Sour Cream,
which has fewer ingredients and is more pure?
26. What is the difference in grams of protein between Yoplait Strawberry Yogurt
vs. Yoplait Greek Strawberry Yogurt? _________________________
27. a. What aisle are the frozen vegetables in?
28. What aisle are the frozen berries are in?
29 What foods are they located next to?

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