Nursing theories and conceptual models

1. Explicate a selected nursing theory (Roger’s quality of life nursing theory) explain how you already do or how you would apply the theory/conceptual model to your advanced nursing practice:You may begin with: In Advance Practice as a Nurse Practitioner the gynecological practice allows one to provide quality of life through prevention and examination of female patients.
2. Identify whether your chosen theory or model falls within the totality or simultaneity paradigm and explain why that view may be preferred in your practice understandings:
You may begin with Roger’s theory falls within the Simultaneity Paradigm Perspective since health is a combination of internal and external forces that influence health
3. Finally, explicate in four single statements, how that theory or model has guided and further developed your understanding of each metaparadigm concept. In other words, how does the theory direct your understanding of (a) person, (b) health, (c) environment and (d) nursing in gynecological practice for example.

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