Nursing Journal

What motivated you to pursue nursing school, and to pursue it at this time in your life? What barriers do you need to overcome in order to succeed?
What emotions surface when you think about nursing school? What about your future nursing career? Explain.
How will learning about the history of professional nursing help you in becoming a nurse? What steps can you take to add to a positive image of nursing?
What do you think could be challenges to applying evidence-based practice in nursing care? How can you overcome these when you become a nurse?
Describe your current study strategies. How do you prepare for classes and/or exams? Does this process work for you? What about your time management skills? How can you improve in both of these areas?
Looking back over the last two weeks of the course, what did you learn about that you didn’t know before? How will you apply this to your life (currently, or in your future nursing practice)?

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