Nursing ( ICU) Intensive Care Unit

Nursing ( ICU) Intensive Care Unit

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assignment must be written by someone that has worked in ICU (Intensive Care Unit) in nursing, who understands ‘Sepsis’, Ventilation, Sedation, Ionotropes, Fluid
resuscitation and ventilator settings etc..

I would like to request my previous writer please. ( to keep the writing similar)

Only ICU trained nurses can do this particular assignment. Please don’t make the wording of this assignment overly fancy. Please address the questions in an
appropriate, well written and concise form. ( I live in Australia)- Australian English please. The assignment criteria, the marking criteria, a patient to base this
assignment on, and another students work that previously did the assignment, will be attached also. Please contact me as soon as possible if you are unable to find
(the previous writer), or a suitable writer to complete this assignment. The assignment referencing must be in APA structure. Please only use academic journals for
referencing (no books), and no older then 5 years old. At least 20 references please. Assignment Criteria:

Length: 2500 Words


NB. Prior to commencement of this assignment, you are required to negotiate your topic selection with the Nurse Educator.

(Topic Negotiated with Nurse Educator is SEPSIS) Please do this assignment about Sepsis, in regards to my patient.

Select a patient you have cared for who is mechanically ventilated and haemodynamically
monitored. Identify three major therapeutic nursing or medical interventions and for each
Intervention address the following criteria: ( Patient selected for this assignment’s information, is also attached for a guide).

1. Identify and interpret the relevant assessment data.
2. Outline the rationales for your interpretation and relate this to the patient’s plan of care
3. Review the rationales for the intervention and the impact this intervention has had on
the patient.

Your assignment should be supported by at least twenty contemporary (less than five
years old) medical and nursing articles. ( only journals less then 5 years old, no books please).

To facilitate your response – an example outline for the assignment has been provided
below –

Introduction (~ 150 words)

• Very brief overview and relevant history of chosen patient
• Identify interventions, for example fluid resuscitation / sedation / parental nutrition /
pain management / blood glucose control

Body of assignment (~ 700 – 750 words per intervention)

• Use the three interventions as your headings

• For example, fluid resuscitation:

Identify relevant assessment data, for example urine output, blood pressure, central venous pressure, peripheral circulation, haemoglobin etc
Interpret this data – is assessment data normal / abnormal. What does the
data reveal, for example hypovolaemia
Discuss rationales for your interpretation and relate this to the patient’s plan
of care, for example why do you think the patient is hypovolaemic
Discuss the rationales for the intervention, for example why is fluid resuscitation required, rationale for fluid used to resuscitate, is the
intervention supported by the literature. Discuss the impact this intervention
has had on the patient.

Conclusion (~ 150 words)
• Summarise your discussion



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