Nursing case study

Case Scenario 3
Gurpreet works as a Registered Nurse in a large public hospital in the surgical unit and reported to her
manager that she was being bullied and harassed by Anne, another Registered Nurse. The bullying was in the
form of demeaning and hurtful comments, including remarks relating to ethnicity. This was occurring daily. The
bullying and harassment occurred in the workplace and via text messages to a personal mobile when Gurpreet
was away from the workplace.
The bullying led to Gurpreet feeling stressed and no longer enjoying work.
Identify and describe the nursing codes and NMBA standards of Practice as follows: Australian Nurse and
midwife bored of Australia
• Identify and describe two (2) Nursing Midwifery Board of Australia Code of Conduct domains and principles
that apply to the ethical scenario

  1. In the report, you need to identify and describe the nursing codes and the NMBA Registered Nurse
    Standards of Practice that apply to the scenario your group has been allocated. The word count in the template
    is a guide only.
    Select and use at least three (3) references in your essay, from the codes, standards of practice, textbooks or
    peer-reviewed journal articles. Please do not use web references such as Wikipedia.
    Use the APA 7 style guide to format your reference list.
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