Nurisng Concept Analysis

Nurisng Concept Analysis

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This is a theories of nursing class which relates to nursing theorists from the past, concepts in nursing, model cases and contrary cases ect.

The concept is: Nursing Care or caring

1)Develop a working definition of the concept which contains all the critical attributes of nursing care or caring (ex: compassion, honesty, trust)
2) Develop a Model Case (a perfect example of the concept) by story telling
This situation must validate the concept and include ALL characteristics of your working definition ( BY SHOWING THOSE PARTICULAR ATTRIBUTES AS ACTIONS).
3) Show any antecedents and consequences of the concept
4) Explain how the story relates to all the characteristics in the working definition
5) Develop a contrary case (an example which does not reflect the concept or shows the opposite).
6) Explain how the story does not show all of the concept characteristics in the working definition.

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