NSC Protect Management 2.]

NSC Protect Management 2.]

of the background context. The aims may cover both practical and theoretical
outcomes e.g. you might aim to suggest modications to a theory to enhance its
value or validity in a particular context. You should also demonstrate the scope of
your aims for example whether they refer to one organisation or a whole industry.
ew of revious research – are there any gaps you will fill? What literature
2. A 3332:: resea‘rach draw on? This should be a review of the main books and articles
reievant to your research, not just a list of articles or a statement of what you intend
to read.
h ou ro ose to carry out your research. This should include an outline
3. A gaggle“ strgtegy for the research, any underlying assumptions made, the
methods to be used, the origin of the samples to be studied. the data collection
methods to be adopted, how the results will be analyzed, etc. It should be clear how
this plan follows from the aims. Your plan should be reasonably detailed. for
example if you are doing a survey, specify the target population(s), what you want
to find out, and how this fits in with the project aims. your data gathering and
sampling strategy and roughly how you will analyse the resulting data.
4 An implementation plan demonstrating work packages and when you expect to
complete these within a six month dissertation timeframe.
5. A critical discussion of your proposal. This should include an explanation of the
rationale behind your proposed methods. a consrderation of any SU’tablE? 2’2!
1 alternatives to your proposed methods, a realistic estimate of the potential value of ,2
the proposed research and any difficulties or uncertainties (practical, political, in: .151
ethical, etc.) that you foresee. a 5 r
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