Novel Maus Books by Art Spiegelman

discussing the graphic novel Maus Books by Art Spiegelman Maus Book I Read through Book I of Maus and consider the following study questions: Select one or more of the study questions and write your response Be sure to specify the page number and in Book 1 where the image or quotation can be found. When analyzing imagery, you can comment on the details of the illustration: colour (or lack of colour), facial expression, layout of the image, symbolic details in the image, etc. Explain why you selected that quotation or that image, and how it made you feel. How would you characterize young Vladek? What changes do you see in his personality and overall health (psychological and physical) when comparing his older self to his younger self? What evidence is there to show that Vladek is still struggling with his past? What has happened to Anja in the years following WWII? How old was Artie when his mother died? How did she die? What is the inset story? What is the framing story? Why does Art leave in personal details about his father — such as his father’s relationship to Lucia, prior to meeting Anja? Describe some of the escalating violence of Nazi occupied Poland. Find at least three examples of betrayal in Book I. Find at least three examples where Vladek uses quick-thinking or resourcefulness to survive.

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