Nonprofit Marketing Research Journal

Open Source Material – Topics 1, 2 & 3
For this assignment you will spend five days researching and documenting the nonprofit of your


CHOICE IS: Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW).

You will assume the role of a nonprofit marketing manager who monitors and impacts both the

internal and external marketing environments. I would like you to complete this assignment during

the third week of the course for each of five consecutive days. You should include discussions of:

• the competitive environment
• examples of target audiences and stakeholders
• is your nonprofit in the news?
• how social media marketing impacts your nonprofit
• how your chosen nonprofit might impact a situation (such as the Red Cross aiding in natural

• where your nonprofit operates – locally, globally or both?

Using a journal format is actually a great way to lay a foundation for a marketing plan, because

you are looking at your organization relative to a time frame. And a journal is a great tool to use

prior to any marketing endeavor, because the research and observations you document will support

the marketing strategies you devise. As in any journaling activity, some days you might write more

and some days less. Your writing style should be similar to a diary or field notes, with

observations taken and your thoughts about how you think or feel about something, in combination

with the required elements of course. After completing this six-page, double-spacedassignment you

may even decide that a journal is a powerful and useful tool for a nonprofit marketing manager to


Required elements:

• Use and explanation of the marketing mix
• The value proposition offered by your nonprofit
• The mission statement of your nonprofit
• Types of multi/social media and other communication mediums your nonprofit uses
• Research and source at least five references

Bloom’s for the marketing journal:
Evaluating – collaborating, critiquing and networking, interacting with internal and external

environments. ?Creating – reorganizing acquired information.

Multimedia/Social Media: These are sites I think you should be familiar with and suggest the use of

these sites towards the assignment. In other words, you might mention how you think your nonprofit

could benefit from using one of these sites. The purpose here is to introduce you to sites you may

not be familiar with and to apply them in the context of a specified learning outcome, in this

case, your Journal.

Wordle – create word-specific marketing ?

Feedly – news delivered to you ?

Tag Galaxy – an interactive and mnemonic way for your target audience to communicate with you ?

Boolify – word-based search tool ?

Wevideo – create an online video ?

Screener – free instant screencasts?

Nonprofit marketing journal rubric:

5-0 points 5-0 points 5-0 points 5-0 points 5-0 points
Quality: Journal lacked typos, was grammatically correct and included page numbers. Was seven or

more pages in length with additional charts, diagrams and references. Journal was seven pages in

length without additional charts or diagrams and was mostly free of typos, and grammatical errors.

Journal was less than seven pages in length and contained multiple typos, grammar and spelling

errors. Journal was less than seven pages in length, and contained multiple typos, grammar and

spelling errors. Student turned in a subpar assignment not meeting page length criteria

and/or typos and grammatical errors, or did not turn in the assignment.

Demonstrated an outstanding mastery of marketing concepts in use of vocabulary and appropriate


Included all of the required elements Student demonstrated and above average comprehension of


Included most of required elements. Student demonstrated an average understanding of material.

Included only some of required elements. Student demonstrated a below average comprehension

of material.

Included only several of the required elements. Student demonstrated a very minimal or complete

lack of material comprehension.
Included very few required element

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