Niche Marketing and Customer Involvement Presentation

Niche Marketing and Customer Involvement Presentation

Create a 7- to 10-slide Microsoft PowerPoint presentation on niche marketing and customer involvement based on the paper you wrote on a business opportunity idea paper (food and beverage idea).
**I have attached my paper. Please use this paper as well as doing further research to complete presentation.

Include speaker notes for each of the slides.

The presentation should explain the following:
1) Niche market
2) Customer involvement
3) How each of the following relate to establishing your niche market and involving customer feedback: (FYI: your two main topics are niche market and customer involvement (not the following three bullet points!)
– Define and explain value proposition.
– Discuss the value proposition of your business or proposition.
-Explain how they differ from your main competitor.

*Do not submit without speaker’s notes or narration. Speaker’s notes should be the entire narration you would use if making this presentation in the classroom setting.

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