News story and reflective statement

Topic: News story and reflective statement

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1.Soft news story: Students must write a soft news story that should disclose new/original information. The news story should have
at least three interview sources and should have sufficient background to explain the context in which it has arisen.
2.Reflective statement: Students must reflect on their decision-making in the course of identifying, researching and writing their news story.
Requirements for news story:
Must be written in news style.
Must conform to the characteristics of news, most particularly, must be new information.
Must include
? Minimum three original interviews
? Research documents
? Photographs (originals must be provided where possible, or pictures sourced from photo libraries along with a statement
acknowledging copyright and setting out terms of use)
? Headline
? References (references in the story must be hyperlinked to source material wherever possible).
Must provide
? Details of all interview sources, including phone numbers and email addresses
? Partial transcripts of interviews (including all quotes used and all other words as necessary to establish the context of the
? A statement confirming that the work is original and all the student’s own work.
? A statement confirming that the work is original and all the student’s own work.
Requirements for reflection:
In their analysis students should answer the following questions at a minimum:
Why did you choose the news story you did?
On what basis did you decide it was news?
What were the single best and worst decisions you made and why do you say so?
If you were to do the assignment again what would you do differently?
What did the task teach you about journalism?

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