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You have been retained as public relations counsel to the American Quidditch Association of America. Your job is to develop public relations materials to support the announcement and rollout of the AQAA. (Additional details can be found in the FS15 Scenario Brief.)

In Writing Project 4, we announced the AQAA and Lansing as the first of eight US markets that will receive a franchise. In Writing Project 6, we announced the other seven markets and franchise owners. We will now announce the latest development in the emergence of the AQAA: the presenting sponsor and a host location for the league’s championship.

• We will assume that AQAA has negotiated a three-year contract with Yale University to stage the 2017, 2018 and 2019 Quidditch Cup at the Yale Bowl.
• We will assume that AQAA has negotiated a three-year contract with Low Country Toys (Spartanburg, South Carolina) to be the presenting sponsor.

Your task for the Final Project is to develop a news release to announce this news to the media.

Your news release must reflect the format and style elements described in your textbook and discussed in class. In addition to basic formatting requirements, your release must also include at least one quote each from AQAA Commissioner Harvey Porter (founder and CEO of AQAA), Parvati Patel of Low Country Toys and one of the franchise owners (your choice).

Other considerations:
o Remember the inverted pyramid.
o Remember that you can invent quotes for your speakers. In this case, you have no choice.
o Remember who your target audience is.
o Remember the news voice and attribution.

Harvey Porter serves as the contact person. Use your final version’s due date as the release date.

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