Newest Vital Sign

Read the following article: Weiss, B., et al. (2005). Quick assessment of literacy in primary care: Annals of Family Medicine,
3(6), 514-522.
2) Review the Health Literacy Assessment Website Short Form. (Links to an external site.)
3) Scroll down to the Instructions on the second page.
4) Create 18 separate Flash Cards from the Table. Place the medical term in bold face at the
top of the notecard and the two association words (the key and the distracter) at the bottom.
5) Follow the instructions for administering and scoring the assessment to assess Health
Literacy of a family member or colleague.
6) Now reflect on the experience by addressing the following questions. APA formatting is not
required since this is a reflective assignment. Please use the bolded items below as headings in
your reflection. Place your name and email in the top left corner of the first page in case there
are questions. Maintain confidentiality by only using the initials of the person whose Health
Literacy was assessed.
1) Barriers – What barriers did you encounter in completing this assignment? How did you
overcome those barriers?
2) Level of Health Literacy – Prior to
completing this assignment, consider your perception of the individual’s level of health
literacy. How were the results of the assessment similar or different than what you
3) Communication – How did you communicate your findings to the individual assessed?
How receptive was the individual to your findings?
4) Reflection – What did you learn by completing this assignment?

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