New Technology And People’s Privacy .

New Technology And People’s Privacy .

Final Paper

At this point, you should have researched ethical theories, selecting one that you want to discuss in further detail.

You will need references to support your research (Use as many references as you need. I am not providing a set number; however the rule of thumb is 2 per page.)  Your research would be used to define your theory historically, or to provide interpretive perspectives on scenarios you are providing.

Your paper will be graded on:

•    Defining your theory  (Please don’t start with “The Oxford English dictionary states…”
•    Support theory with research, including a BRIEF description of the theory in terms of origin, evolution, and applicability to computing.

A strong paper will argue multiple perspectives: your take on the topic, as well as arguments to your perspective.  The ultimate outcome is a final summation indicating the strengths or weaknesses of using your proposed theory in application to computing scenarios.

•    A minimum of three computing scenarios will be presented and analyzed.  Scenarios should be rich in detail.
•    You will ALSO use a real-world (Non-computing)  example in ADDITION to the computing scenarios
•    I would suggest the real-world example to set the tone, and then move to computing examples.  However, please use whatever approach works for you.
•    Clarity of writing
•    Grammatically correct paper
•    Free of typos
•    Appropriate bibliography format ( I don’t care whether you use MLA or APA…just be consistent)

How long is it going to be? It’s going to be more than eight pages but preferably less than twelve pages. The paper will be font size 12, I have no preference on the font (other than Wingdings.  Not cool)  and the paper will be double-spaced with 1 inch margins all round.

Completing the above criteria is a B grade.   You must go above and beyond to obtain an A grade, such as but not limited to:

•    A creative format (as shared in class)

•    Providing more than three computing scenarios, and analyzing them in depth. (one student did the entire paper as a story incorporating many scenarios)

•    Providing current research to confirm or challenge your assertions/analyses. (This can be social analysis, philosophical perspectives, newspaper articles, Huff Post, PewResearch…whatever you need to support your position or demonstrate the weakness of critics) Please cite sources appropriately.  Wallace Library can help you with that.

•    Defending your position as opposed to merely presenting it.  Even better is pointing out all potential analyses (positive and negative perspectives) on the issues.

•    Find your voice.  Use it.

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