New Media Literacy

What role did the Smartphone play in the George Floyd incident and the subsequent protests that

occurred (and still continue) in the United States and around the world? Things to think about – What does

this tell us about the: – significance of the Smartphone in our lives? – skills and literacies that are needed to

thrive (and survive) in the Smartphone Era? -affordances of the Smartphone for collective action and

social justice? -risks and constraints for personal safety and privacy in the Smartphone Era? -unintended

implications (positive and negative) of Smartphone implementation for social movements and advocacy? –

unforeseen consequences of Smartphone integration in our daily lives? There are many ways that you can

respond to this question, various ways that you could approach this, and many things you can argue and

discuss. You are going to use the things you have learned in the course and apply it here in a focused and

organized manner (don’t get overwhelmed by all things you can discuss here, you won’t be able to talk

about it all – it’s too huge). You need to include THREE (3) course readings from any module, these

readings can be utilized anywhere in the submission that makes sense to you. And, you need to include

THREE (3) outside sources in the discussion section (one for each point).

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