Network assignment.

Network assignment.

This is a network assignment, which means related to Computer Science.

The report should have the following:
-a cover page listing the name of the report and all of the investigator’s names
-a narrative report listing all of the steps taken in the investigation
-a timeline and recreation of the crime
– your recommendation for the actions to be taken including the name(s) of those to be arrested and the charges to be made
– an appendix holding a copy of all of the information used in the investigation including a complete copy of all of files

Things you must offer it during investigation:
1) Evidences from Facebook
2) Evidences from UNH website ( also, you must look at their internet policy)

-Try to create a time line from the UNH log file to show when they log in and out
-Use the IP address in UNH log file to search about the similar IP address in the Facebook log file.
– Put what you find in UNH log file with Facebook log file.
– Make list to explain for the judges the IT vocabulary.
– after all determine who is gonna be arrested then tell what are you gonna charge them with. ( the police report is narrative first person)

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