Order Description
This Business Project needs to be about the coffee company NESPRESSO!

Structure of the Project
· Title page
· Introduction (500 words)

1. Choose 2 from the 3 suggested areas below: Research relevant academic models and literature and apply to your chosen company.

a. Comparative Analysis of the company’s competitive position in its various markets (1600 words)
b. What issues does the company need to consider when trading across borders – (1600 words
c. What considerations should your company look at when trying to create Social Impact (1600 words)

2. In addition to the above, discuss what your company needs to consider to enhance their business. This needs to include academic discussion and applied theory (800 words)
· Conclusion linked to the earlier critical analysis (500 words)

Ø Total: 5000 words
Ø Total: approximately 5000 words
· Full bibliography/ reference list using the Harvard system (Note: Appendices are not permitted)

Be sure to use in this NESPRESSO Research Paper a theory as a framework for your discussion, don’t discribe them apply them! You can use any theory analysis, except SWOT! So you could use and apply Porter’s 5 forces or Pestel analysis but NO SWOT analysis!

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