One of the distinctive features of nationalism, as it developed from the late 18th century, was the use of symbols (such as songs, flags, and modes of dress) to

express national identity. For this post, watch the following short videos on YouTube:
•    Scene from Casablanca,
•    Russian soldiers singing their national anthem,
•    Vietnamese Flag Raising Ceremony, Ha Noi,

Now answer the following questions:
•    What function do these expressions of national identity serve?
•    What aspects of national identity do they emphasize?
•    Why are they powerful?

Guidelines for Discussion Posts
Your posts should be between 2 and 3 paragraphs each. Because this is an academic course, you should take care to use correct grammar and to make sure your thoughts

are organized and coherent. In addition, always be sure to answer the specific question(s) specified in the post. Your responses should be no more than 1 paragraph

each and should relate directly to the content in your classmates’ posts. Please remember to write with civility and respect, even if you disagree with a classmate.

Unit Overview

This unit focuses on two related processes of critical importance for both the Atlantic world and the modern world more generally: the Atlantic Revolutions that

occurred between 1775 and 1825, and the force of modern nationalism to which these revolutions gave rise.
Chapter 25 takes you through the American, French, Haitian, and Latin American revolutions that marked this period, as well as some of the ideas and ideals; like

antislavery and women’s rights; that these revolutions inspired. As you read, think carefully about the many ways in which the Atlantic Revolutions were linked. Why,

for example, did they all occur in such a relatively short span of time? Did some revolutions make others possible? If so, how?
Chapter 25 also introduces you to the historical roots of nationalism. Here, you will want to consider the precise definition of nationalism, why it became so

important during and after the Atlantic Revolutions, and some of its consequences. How, for example, was nationalism expressed in Italian and German unification?


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