National Security Strategy

Choose a National Security Strategy (NSS) of a particular administration and do a comparison and contrast
between an NSS from another administration (e.g., 2010 NSS versus the 2017 NSS). The following should be
included in your paper: 1) A basic description of each NSS and its key elements and critical distinctives; 2)
Delineation of the similarities and differences between the two NSS documents; 3) An assessment of the
strengths and weaknesses of each particular document; 4) An assessment of the threats that provided the
basis for the document; 5) A review of the prevailing opinions regarding the efficacy of each document; 6) An
assessment on how this strategy document was implemented. An ethics-based analysis and/or a worldview
analysis should be integrated in the paper, a separate section or it can be both (preferred) depending on the
nature of the topic. No table of contents is required. You should have least 8 scholarly sources and at least one
table and/or figure or 10 scholarly sources.

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