National honors society essay for my daughter Lauren

National honors society essay for my daughter Lauren

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What specific qualities do you possess that strengthen your application to the NHS? Give specific examples of how you worked to reach your goals exemplified by membership in this organization particularly in the areas of character, leadership, and service. Include any stories from your experience that illustrate your strengths in these three areas. Three typed double spaced pages, no more than four My daughter is a sophomore in high school and is a candidate for NHS. She is currently a track member and cheerleader. She has volunteered at high school events for fundraising for the football team by working at a booth for the football home game tailgate party. She also decorated the school to show her team and school spirit. She has volunteered at the school library as an aide. She has done a little hug fundraiser for a family who lost their dad due to cancer. She has volunteered for several years at project hope, homeless shelter collecting items for their wish list and delivering them before Christmas. She was also very active in 4-h, volunteered as a junior coach for a junior football league called the Riverhawks. She volunteered her time to help a local business lady by attending her events and serving as her assistant when needed. She also has helped to print and distribute fliers to 500 homes to spread allergy awareness in an program called Teal Pumpkin. Residents put the teal pumpkin in their window to let trick or treaters know that the house has non-food items available to keep them safe from allergies. She is a hard worker, keeps positive and is a great role model in school and in her community. She will be receiving an academic letter next month, she is also in advance math, science and history.

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