National Cranberry Cooperative, 1996 Case.

Give a recommendation about the day shift, which is similar like the Recommendation 2 of example. But should change the number of recommendation. If you can add some attachments like attachment 5. That would be better. My part is just thinking about Recommendation 2 not others.

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upgrade the information, last one has something wrong.

  1. We know that there are 20 peak days per year. Looking at the chart, I think it would be fair to assume that these days all fall between Sept 10th and Oct 10th. This comprises 30 days which is 4.29 weeks. We can then say that there is an average of 4.66 peak days per week during this period…. not sure if we even need this, but oh well since I already typed it.
  2. All peak days use the maximum 53 member work force.
  3. ignore non peak days since these days are not usually the issue.
  4. Every hour after 11pm = overtime paid for @ $134.48
  5. For 12 hour day shifts, the extra 4 hours are OT is calculated on entire work force. When we do 8 hour shifts, we have no OT with full force, only after 11pm force.

6.When there is a full work force being paid for normal work, it is $559 per hour. When the full work force is being paid OT, (basically on 12 hour days for 7pm to 11pm) we bill at time and half of regular, which is $838.50.

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