NAAD W1 LEarning set

NAAD W1 LEarning set

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Knowledge creation

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Learning Set
To guide your Learning Set work for this module, you will identify workplace-based issues that could potentially benefit from the application of research-based

knowledge, experimentation, and reflection to enable understanding and resolution.  These issues should be unique and independent from any you have examined in

previous modules of this programme.
Examples of problems appropriate to this module include:
1.    Problems related to workplace motivation and job satisfaction including attendant related sub-problems, such as high levels of absenteeism and low work rates;
2.    Problems arising from leader-follower relationships, including issues of authority, commitment and compliance;
3.    Problems relating to workplace culture, including lack of shared values and understandings about the purpose of the organisation and resistance to managerial

norms and practices;
4.    Problems relating to business ethics, such as corporate social responsibility, sustainability and managing stakeholder relationships.
Note that these problems relate to a variety of workplace-based problems not directly related to the process of knowledge creation. The deliverables from this module

will be a critical analysis of your workplace-based problem that acknowledges the challenges and complexities involved in knowledge creation. By the end of the course,

you should be able to present this analysis to your Doctoral Tutor and Learning Set members. The learning on this module will provide a foundation for your DBA thesis

and enable you to locate your study relative to knowledge in the field.
In subsequent weeks you will be asked to narrow your focus to one issue, posed as a workplace-based problem to your Learning Set, and to examine it though different

lenses as you progress through the problematising process and complete your CAL Project.
For this module’s initial Learning Set Participation:
•    Review the weekly themes that you will be covering in this module and consider how your workplace-based issues may be related to them.  If you cannot relate

your workplace-based issues to the weekly themes, you may need to reconsider your choice of issues.
•    Share your initial ideas on potential issues with the other members of your Learning Set, explaining the nature of each and why it is important to you.
•    Ask your set members to challenge your thinking by asking you open questions about the issue(s) you have chosen.
•    Ask the Learning Set to propose additional supplementary questions to build on your initial question to help you refine your thinking. Consider each of these

new questions and their relevance to your workplace-based issue.


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