Myth and Psychology

This is an essay for a Classical Civilization course, so I wasn’t sure whether to mark the subject field as History or Psychology. I feel that a Psychology grad would have a way easier time writing about the theories of Freud and Jung, so I’m submitting this under Psychology.

Essay Details

The topic of the essay is: “Two of the “founding fathers” of modern psychology, Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung, believed that the ancient myths symbolised fundamental truths about human nature. Summarise their theories.”

This is a research paper, so primary sources must be used. The essay instructions read: “Your essay should include several substantial quotations from primary sources – i.e., Greek and/or Roman writers – and the relevance of these quotations should be clearly and fully explained. You can find primary sources at”. The only sources you need to include in the bibliography are the primary sources.

It’s important that this essay is over 2,000 words.

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