Music review

Listen to one piece of music and provide a short review.
Listen to the music in the link below.
Write two paragraphs follows the rules below.

  1. Discuss what you found interesting about the piece in 60 words or less: did it remind you of something, did the melody sound like a commercial you’ve heard, did the performance make you cry, did the performers on stage seem really excited, etc. For example: I really liked Pines of
    Rome because it was exciting! I felt like I was listening to a movie soundtrack the whole time.
  2. Find a recording of another piece of music that makes you feel the same way and share the title of the piece and the name of the composer or performer (or/and album)! For example: “Blue in Green” from the album Kind of Blue by Miles Davis.
    Explain in 60 words how the 2 pieces you have mentioned are similar and different. (2 points)
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