Music Appreciation

Most important: Bring out your inner 5-year-old and have a good time!

This project is two-fold times two-fold.
1) Choose one piece of current music that you have a connection with. Country, Rock, Rap, Contemporary Christian, Jazz, Indy Pop, Hymn, etc.….
a) Research History of Piece and artist (or composer)
b) Research Inspiration or Reasoning behind the composing of the piece.
c) Research style, form, genre. The kind of things you have learned in class.
d) Why did you choose this piece?
1) Was the effect emotional, the lyrics or Poetry, story relating to inspiration of composing?
2) Like or dislike? Why? You might choose a piece that has a negative effect instead of positive.
3) Describe the highs and lows of the piece that effect you the most by using terms learned in class describing things like instrumentation, timbre, dynamics, tempo, or tempo changes, etc.…
e) Write on a PDF using all of the proper writing skills, formatting, spelling, sentence structure, etc.…
f) Include a properly cited Bibliography of research sources.

2) Choose one piece that you have a connection with that was written prior to 1900. You will have to go to youtube and do some listening on various composers and genres. You may use the composers that we have talked about in class but not any of the compositions we have talked about. No Repeats. I don’t want my words to come back to me. I want to learn your thoughts and opinions. It can be an art song, one number or movement from a cantata, oratorio, opera, symphony, symphonic tone poem, program symphony, character piece, string quartet from either the Baroque, Classical, Romantic, or Impressionist Periods. Vocal, Orchestral, Piano, Instrumental solos. Your choice.

a) Answer and research the same requirements that are listed for #1 above.

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