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Read the additional files. There are videos and two readings. listen and read them all and then answer the questions below.

1) Take any pair of pieces (except for the Amy Winehouse song) on this week’s listening list (three in the case of the Pachelbel “Cannon” and in “Oh, Pretty Woman”) and talk about the differences that you hear in the performances. Which do you like more? Why? Are there differences in “honesty” in the pair (trio or quartet), or is it just a case of knowing the original intent of the music? In other words, is the performance somehow expressive in a way that makes you feel that the performers (arrangers composers, etc.) are speaking more directly to you? Can you discern differences in “intent” (what effect was being pursued) between the two.
2) Do you think that James Rhodes and Kanye West are kindred spirits? What do you think either of them would think of Amy Winehouse?

3) What’s your response to the debate between Mr. Caramnica and Mr. Timberg over Taylor Swift? How does it affect your perception of Taylor Swift if at all?

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