Museum Assignment

Museum Assignment

even though this assignment requires to visite NCMA, you could do using website to find out the work of art from NCMA website

here’s more website that instructor gave us to get more information.

There’s no limit of resources.
Please use your personal reaction about work of art to do this assignment.
*When responding to questions, please fully cite the work you are discussing (Artist, Title, Date, Medium).
Please do not use following work of art. The instructor doesn’t allow us to use same work of art in this assignment. Because it’s just part of assignment that i’m

working on it. I already did with those one.
El Anatsui called Lines that Link Humanity, 2008
Judith and Holofernes? by Kehinde Wiley
the Cloud Chamber
Ellsworth Kelly, Blue Panel; Gerhard Richter, Station; Richard Diebenkorn, Berkeley No. 8; Franz Kline, Orange Outline; Robert Motherwell, Two Figures, The Dance

Anselm Kiefer, Untitled; Mickalene Thomas, Three Graces: Les Tro Femmes Noires; Ledelle Moe, Congregation; Robert Rauschenberg, Credit Blossom, Alison Saar, Tippy Toes


1. The aim of this prompt is to encourage you to examine the personal set of criteria that you use to judge and to interpret works of art. As you look at the museum?s

collections, make note of works that you react strongly to. These may be works that appeal to you aesthetically, intellectually, or emotionally or works that you find

unappealing or offensive.

Choose one work that you have a strong positive reaction to and one that you have a negative reaction to. response that addresses and interrogates your reaction to

both works. Include the following in your response:

A. A thorough description of each work (both subject matter and formal elements)
B. An explanation of why you selected each work. Describe your aesthetic, psychological, intellectual, and/or any other response to the work in as much detail as

possible. Explain your initial response, as well as any changes in your attitude toward the work that occurred as you studied it.
C. Judge each work according to your personal response first. Then, evaluate it according to art-specific criteria, such as formal elements (evaluate the composition

of the work; its use of line, color, texture, value, positive and negative space, and so on), content (what is the work about; does the work rely on iconography or

symbolism, narrative, or other references for its content?), context (is the work a product of a specific artistic movement, historical moment, or cultural context?

How can context be used to help us interpret the work?), and medium and technique (do the material and the method of execution contribute to either the formal

qualities of the work or its meaning and interpretation?)
D. After you have judged each work according to both personal and established criteria, examine your own opinions and biases. Address the following questions in your

? Do you have to consider a work of art aesthetically pleasing in order for you to appreciate it? Why or why not?
? Do you respond more to form or content? How do your responses change as you look beyond form to examine the content of a piece?
? Does the perceived amount of time and technical skill that it takes to produce a work of art influence your judgment? If so, how?
? Do you like it when an artwork challenges you or asks difficult questions. Why or why not? Provide examples.
? Revisit both works. Why do you think each work has been included in the museum?s collection? Address the historical, social, or cultural importance of each work (pay

particular attention to your discussion of the work that you found ?unappealing?).


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