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Go to then go to my Walden my email is [email protected] go to the class named multicultural, after you get in go to week 5, after getting in week 5 scroll down you will see assignments click on assignments and follow directions. you can also go to resources just above assignments and use those resources too. these are the directions. For this 2- to 3-page Assignment, you consider the authenticity of Lareau’s (2011) observations in terms of your childhood experiences.
•Read the excerpt from Lareau’s Unequal Childhoods.
•Reflect upon your own childhood.
•Consider any relationships that may exist between the elements described in the excerpt and your experience.
•Respond to the observations made by Lareau and her research assistants.
•Explain the responsibility of social workers to address inequity as it is portrayed in Lareau’s study and in your own experiences.
Make sure you citer and reference everything. Especially Lareau’s (2011). I am a African American born and raised on the westside of Chicago (very urban, gang infested) my childhood was lower middle class. My childhood was the norm for someone living in my neighborhood but would seem very dangerous to the average middle class person or some on a higher income level or anyone that has not experienced that type of environment.

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