MRKT Fall 2015 Exam

MRKT  Fall 2015 Exam
This has to be original work that is properly cited (APA). Wikipedia is not allowed as a source. Please read the attached guidelines before answering the 8 questions.
The questions are designed to test your understanding of the course material and your ability to apply the theories and concepts discussed. Read the questions carefully and be sure to address what is being asked. When requested, give examples of products or services. Be sure to do so as it will be considered in the grade.
Please provide brief, conceptual and concrete answers. Each question should be between half a page to a maximum of 1 page.
MRKT605 – Fall Mid Term Exam 2015
1.    What are some of the salient characteristics and differences between high- and low-context cultures? Give examples.
2.    There are specific characteristics of innovations that affect which innovations are adopted. Define those characteristics giving examples of products or services.
3.    Assume that the market segment is judged to be large enough, and the strong competitors are either absent or deemed to be vulnerable, then is it safe to enter the country? Justify your answer by giving reasons and at least one possible example.
4.    Colgate Total toothpaste is positioned as the brand that addresses all aspects of oral health. Such positioning is very important from the business point of view. How does positioning help in deciding on a marketing strategy? What are the differences between using “attribute or benefit” and “quality and price” as positioning strategy?
5.    An executive is undecided whether to rely on in-house or external export specialists/intermediaries in the home country. He is leaning towards direct representation in a market. What are the benefits of going forth with direct representation? Give an example
6.    Joint ventures are becoming very popular as entry mode into foreign markets. Why is this strategy so attractive to companies interested in entering other markets in the world? Give an example.
7.    Select a African country and apply the PESTEL model for an analysis of the environment for electric bicycles.
8.    Suppose you work as a consultant firm for an owner of a medium-sized firm manufacturing solar water filters. How would you advise him on what to look first if he has the intention to enter to BRIC countries?

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