Movie Analysis of “A Time To Kill”

Movie Analysis of "A Time To Kill"

Project description
Sociology. (Sociological Movie Analysis) Essay three pages long about the 1996 movie “A Time To Kill”. The goal of this analysis paper is to explain how specific sociological elements are present in an in-depth manner. Need a film analysis not a film summary. Examples from the film should be used to provide evidence of specific sociological themes, such as Stereotypes, race, poverty,class,deviance, the conflict theory,racial inequality,institutional discrimination,social stratification,racial literacy,and color blind racism. I would really like to use W.E.B Dubois’s theory of the “Double Consciousness” as one major theme, as in the movie Sammuel L. Jackson states: “You aint my friend Jake, you the enemy, you dont mean to be but you are, when you see me , you dont just see a person but you see a black person and thats the way it is,thats why your my secret weapon Jake” This quote can be connected to the “Double Consciousness” theory.Also the paper should speak of one of the three Theories of prejudice,like the social learning theory or the scapegoat theory. The Essay should be in a 5 paragraph format. MY THESIS NEEDS TO BE TYPED IN BOLD PRINT. Must use examples from the film to support analysis of my themes. (This is not a movie review but an analysis paper based on sociological aspects of this movie).

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