monitor for OK-AIM is to observe the individua

monitor for OK-AIM is to observe the individua
Introduction ( 1 page):
My role as a monitor for OK-AIM is to observe the individual. Make sure they are in a safe environment. If their clothes are clean, dry and in good repair. Hair and nails clean, skin is healthy and no body odor. My responsibilities are to make sure the daily choices for people with severe disabilities will need to be structured in such a way that they can indicate preferences. To pick out food they want they can indicate by pointing or whatever communication method they can use. To make sure they are participating in the household routine. This can be accomplished by doing whatever part of tasks they can. Even if its just being present in the room this can be a way to participate and feel part of the home. I am responsible to ask questions that can be answered with yes or no. Make sure they are happy, safe and comfortable. I am responsible to be respectful of the individual at all times, and remember they are a person first before their disability.

Case Summary ( 2 pages):
Individual: Cathleen “Cathy” Nequette
Age: 58
Hobbies/Interests: T.V., Art/drawing/painting, crafts, math
Communication: Verbal
Vocational: employed- works at a Plant Nursery
Family Involvement: Regular
Medical Issues: Yes, heat intolerance, seizures
Types of medication: yes
Adaptive equipment: yes- cane
Behavioral issues: none

• Cathy lives in a Daily Living Supported (DLS) home with 3 other disabled people. 2 staff members live there as well. She has a mild physical/mental disability. Its not too severe but enough that she can’t live alone.
• Cathy has to get around with a cane. She decorated the cane with duct tape. She loves to do arts and crafts. She didn’t want to use the cane at first and fought the home for a year because she was too stubborn to use it. One time she even threw the cane away in the garbage. She has finally agreed to use the cane and decorated it to her liking.
• Cathy is very smart and likes to read Nancy Drew books and the encyclopedia. Once she reads something she remembers it.
• Cathy is very nice and she likes to get lots of attention. She has a seizure disorder and if she is not getting enough attention from the staff she pretends to have a seizure.
• She works in a plant nursery in the retail section. She likes her job very much and it gives her some independence. She also likes to do arts and crafts. She likes to make things.
• Cathy’s family consists of her brother. He is the only relative who visits her but it is not often. Cathy’s father abused her when she was younger. He hit her a lot so this made her hate men for a very long time. She did recently get a boyfriend. His name is Jerry. She met him at her work. He has a disability as well. She says they plan on getting married on April 1st.
• Her roommates name is Candy and they fight all the time. They argue everyday about things in their room. They both try to be the boss of their room.
• The home she lives in was clean and not crowded. There was plenty of space for them to move around and not hurt themselves. Each woman decorated their own room based on their personalities. This helps them to fill more at home and have a say in their surroundings. Cathy’s room was decorated with all her arts and crafts. It was very colorful. There was easy access into the house. No steps. There was fence around the yard- so it was safe. The neighborhood seemed safe and a good family environment. There was access to transportation from the staff.
• I would have like for the staff interact more with me. I would have liked to be able to ask them more questions. When I got there the staff all went into the back room. I would have liked to see how the staff interacted with the household. I feel like I didn’t get to see how the staff and the individual of the home interacted. I would have felt better if I knew they all got along. You can tell more from body language then just asking Cathy if she liked the staff. I think the staff was trying to stay out of the way and give us some space, but I would have preferred if they went about their jobs so I could see how they daily events occurred.
Application of Case Study ( 2 pages)
See Schalock material uploaded… page 4 Human Functioning section

Observations of Cathy’s intellectual abilities: Cathy is smart and likes to read. She remembers everything she reads. She has good reasoning, and learns quickly. She understands things in her daily life.

Adaptive behavior: She has good adaptive behavior. This is shown by working in the public. She can work and adapt to her surroundings.

Health: Cathy’s health is not 100%. She has disabilities but she is able to function despite of them. She has a seizure disorder, which can be dangerous.

Participation: She participates with her home group. She interacts with the other women in the home, with people at work, and in social situations with her boyfriend. She does many things: works, arts, crafts, and reads.

Context: See page 5 and apply material to Cathy.
Conclusion ( 2 paragraphs)
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