Module Title : Total Quality Management;

Module Title : Total Quality Management;

Assignment Question

Consider an organisation with which you are familiar (Maaden Phosphate Company – KSA).
To what extent did it achieve the core principles of TQM (customer satisfaction, continuous improvement, workforce commitment)?

Explain the barriers that existed to achieving these principles and discuss their influence on the success or failure of the organisation’s TQM practices.

Further Guidance

(a) Be careful not to spend too much of your assignment simply describing course concepts or examples. Your emphasis should be on applying the frameworks or concepts,

to allow you to analyse the issues identified in the question and for this analysis to be a foundation for your subsequent conclusions;

(b) Examples can be from your own experience or from other sources (appropriately

(c) We also advise that you use the electronic databases (e.g. Business Source Premier and Emerald) in the library to search for additional academic articles which

support your answer;

(d) Remember to reference sources appropriately.

Assessment Criteria

In addition to the criteria outlined above, students are expected to demonstrate:

(a) the ability to apply frameworks and concepts from the TQM literature to ‘real world’ cases;

(b) the ability to identify the implications of such an analysis for quality and quality
management within organisations; and

(c) the ability to reach a conclusion based upon the analysis of both theory and practice in addressing the question.
Word limit: 3,500

Points need to be considered:-
•    The selected firm is Maaden Phosphate Cmpany (MPC).
•    12 references as minimum.
•    All references pages that were mentioned in the essay need to be sent.
•    Minimize using internet references.

What is the requirement for the page setup?

The assignment should be typed and be formatted for A4 (portrait). A left-hand margin of 25 to 40 mm should be used, with all other margins being 20 mm. Double line

spacing should be used for the assignment, except for indented quotations where single spacing may be used. A font size of 12 is required, and you are encouraged to

use a clear font design such as Arial, Times New Roman or Courier New. Pages must be numbered consecutively throughout the text, with numbers located centrally at the

bottom of each page. Any abbreviations used should be those in normal use. Where necessary a key to abbreviations should be provided.

What format should my assignment be in?

Students must save their work in a Microsoft Word compatible format ONLY. (i.e. doc or docx).

Additional information:-
•    MPC has ISO 9000 – Quality management
•    There is dedicated department called TQM department
•    MPC has Energy management certificate ( ISO 50001 ) recently


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