Module 11

Module 11

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Go to page 299 in the text. Read about Gumina’s Five Themes of Good Communication that parents should practice with their children when they are planning to divorce. The Five Themes of Good communication for divorcing parents are:

1) Both parents should talk about the decision to divorce with the children.

2) Parents should avoid negative communication about the othe in front of the children.

3) Emphasize that it is not the children’s fault.

4) Do not give unnecessary details about the reasons for the divorce.

5) Invite the children to respond and ask questions.

Examine TWO families you know with parents planning to divorce or have divorced, who have children over the age of 4-5 and under the age of 18. EXPLAIN HOW the parents are or are NOT using the five themes of good communication with their children. Reference:Family Communication: Cohesion and Change, 8th Edition by Kathleen M. Galvin, Carma L. Bylund, and Bernard J. Brommell

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