Modern Days Poets

  1. Wordsworth and Romantics saw a very special place for the poet-in a role similar tp priest, teacher, or
    master. In the Romantic view, the poet functions as a sort of spiritual guide to the inner realm of intuition,
    feeling, and imagination. Do people see poets and artists in that light, or are they viewed and valued differently?
    What role do artists and poets play in our society today? Write a brief description of the role they play now and
    also indicate what role you think they should play. Your answer should be two paragraphs long.
  2. Blake uses his poetry to argue against injustice, Two of his poems, both titled “The Chimney Sweeper,” the
    life of poor children who were forced into the profession. This work was very dangerous and difficult. The
    children were very badly treated by masters who only cared about money. If you could cry out against an evil of
    aour day-and get people to listen-which social injustice would you protest. Explain why? Discuss the methods
    you would use to protest and then write a brief protest. If you’d like write your response in the form of a poem
    or song.
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