Modeling (Math141)

Modeling (Math141)

Project Wrap-Up

The goal of this project is to use the skills that you have developed this semester to create several models and determine which the most appropriate model for the given data is. Given that model, we wanted to analyze and interpret the results.

For this section, write an essay that addresses the answers to the questions below. Everything including calculations is to be typed. This will become section V of the final project you turn in.

For questions 1 & 2, use the chosen data set as well as the Excel table/scatter plot developed during your work on the project sheets.

What are the independent and dependent variables? What are the domain and range for this data set? Include units.
During this semester you have created five regression curves for your data. In your opinion, which of these curves best fits the data? Explain your choice.

In what ways did you check the validity of this model?
Make a prediction using the most appropriate model when x=15. Does this seem reasonable? What does the model predict when x=20? Does this seem reasonable?

What factors (i.e. social, cultural, economic, or political) do you think contribute to the growth or decay seen in your data? Do you think this trend will continue in the future?

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