MNGT 505 – Week 1; Assignment 2

MNGT 505 – Week 1; Assignment 2

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Articles: Weeks 1, 3, 5, and 7 by Thursday you need to find and read a substantive, interesting article that you found on the web and that is related to that week’s content. After reading the article, write a commentary about it that (a) summarizes the author’s points, (b) reflects on the article: good take-aways, useful learnings, interesting ideas, etc., and (c) includes the url. Post this commentary on the Discussion Forum.

Examples of substantive articles include articles from Harvard Business Review, Sloan Management Review; feature articles in Forbes, Fortune, Fast Company, or Inc.; or articles in research journals.

A good summary of an article includes the author’s main points and helps the reader learn what the authors were attempting to “teach.”

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