Mixed Methods Research 2

Order DescriptionIn their study on film tourists visiting a film-promoted tourist destination, Rittichainuwat and Rattanaphinanchai (2015) used a mixed-methods approach, drawing upon a series of self-completed questionnaires and surveys over a period of 11 months and a longitudinal study of interviews and participant observations over a period of four years. They reached the conclusion that serendipitous tourists can be distributed into almost equal numbers, namely:

incidental serendipitous tourists
disinterested serendipitous tourists
sightseeing serendipitous tourists

While successful films create destination awareness among all types of film tourists, an individual’s favourite film, rather than a successful film, motivates most specific film tourists to take a film pilgrimage trip.

To what extent do you think the mixed-methods approach enhanced the quality of the findings of that study?

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