For this portion of the Project you will create an outline of your proposal. Here you will
include more detail about how your mission/observations will take place. Based on the
feedback from your instructor, you will include your original or edited Vision Statement.
And then you will include an outline of the important aspects of your proposal.

1. What are you mainly interested in exploring or researching and state how it could
advance our knowledge of the objects in our Solar System or how it formed.

a. Speak to the object you will be studying (visiting/observing)

2. Based on what you want to study, will there need to be a spacecraft/telescope built?
a. If a spacecraft is involved, define the type of mission it will by (fiyby, lander, return),
what kind of instruments will the craft carry? See below for an example.

b. If it is a telescope, speak to if it will be built and what type (spectrum) it will be. If you
are using an existing telescope, which one and what part of the spectrum will you be
observing in? (Think about what you want to discover, and how specific parts of the
spectrum might give you that information.)

3. Speak to how long you expect the mission/observations to last?

4. What technology will you be using? Does it exist? Is someone currently developing

5. What might the general costs be? (This can be researched in detail later)



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