Miscommunication among staff members and interns

QUESTION FROM THE TEACHER: One or two students—as indicated in the table in the Consultant’s Corner Instructions under Course Home—are asked to post a challenging issue that he or she is facing at his or her agency. The challenging issue must be related to a macro practice scenario. Please avoid describing a clinical issue. After describing the respective issue (2-3 sentences only) and in objective terms, using terminology from the course, the presenting students will ask the class one question about how best to address the challenge. All other students (i.e., those who are not presenting a challenging issue) are required to respond to ONE student, who presented a challenging issue at their work assignment. In the response refer to a component of the course content that relates to the challenging issue and recommend a course of action.
The student will identify the issue in the subject line of their post as follows: [Challenging Issue]—[Student’s First Initial] [Student’s Last Name]. For example, a hypothetical subject line might read, “The agency tolerates poor performance of its employees—J. Doe.”

Miscommunication among staff members and interns — C. Apicella
I currently intern at the Bergen County Homeless Shelter in NJ, where I work with different types of adult populations. The challenging issue I’m currently facing considers miscommunication between the staff members and interns. This miscommunication can cause tension between one another, making it difficult to focus solely on the clients that we provide services too. How can we work on communicating better while trying to provide adequate/consistent services to clients?

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