Minority figure in psychology


Write about Mamie Phipps Clark

Talk a little bit about their life (when they were born, where they were from, education, etc) and what they did to contribute the field of psychology; did they conduct a famous experiment? Did they come up with a theory? Also, tell why you picked the person and what significance you feel their contribution has for the field of psychology and for everyday life today. Do you think their work or theory has meaning for your life?

Sample Paper Outline

I. Introduction Paragraph: Who am I going to talk about in the Paper? What is the purpose of the paper? Why is this person significant?

II. Brief Biography of Psychologist: Who were they? where did they come from? Focus on what aspects of their life were influential on their theories and experiments

III. Major Theory, Experiment or Book: Focus specifically in on describing one theory, experiment or book written or conducted by your psychologist.

IV. Analysis: What do you think about their theory, experiment or book? Do you think that their ideas are relevant still today? Can you apply them to your own life? How?

V. Conclusion: Wrap up and tie together everything back to your introduction

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