Select a mineral that you are interested in except for Diamond. Using Microsoft Word, write a five-page double spaced report. A Rubric is given for these instructions. You may put up to two pictures in your report; however, do not make the pictures cover more than 1/4 of any page . Font size of the report should be no larger than 12 for regular text and no larger than 14 for headings, cover page should include at least one of your pictures. Remember to cite all references and do not use wikipedia as a source of information since anyone can edit it. All sources of information should be from credible sites. Cheating and plagiarism are considered violations of the Student Code of Conduct. These violations are subject to disciplinary action by the College up to, and including, dismissal. Report must be saved as a .pdf (adobe acrobat) or a .doc (microsoft word format) All students have access to Word through Atomiclearning.com.

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