Mid-Term Assignment #2

Mid-Term Assignment #2

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This paper is based on a novel “Possessing the Secret of Joy” by Alice Walker. It should be based on the main character “TASHI” and her life, family, situations, problems, pain and suffering etc….

In this assignment you will demonstrate your understanding of key concepts and theories
through critical analysis of the main character and clear articulation of supporting evidence
including scholarly literature to support your arguments. The evaluation of the exam will be
based on the appropriate use of the concepts you have chosen, the strength of your synthesis
and analysis of the material and support for your arguments.
Graduate level writing (organization, clarity, grammar and APA style) will be evaluated. Use scholarly articles and
primary sources; the quality of your sources will be evaluated.

PART 1: Case Description (2-3 pages)
Start the paper with a succinct, but complete, case description. Your case write-up should describe the main character and contain the following subheadings:

• Identifying information.
This section may include a general description
and relevant information of the main character.

• Current Situation.
This section may include the main character’s current
environment, their community, family life, work, and/or other relevant situational factors.

• Family of Origin.
This section may include family history, relationships
(either past or present) with family members, family dynamics, family life cycle, and/or other factors relevant to your character’s family.

• Biological Development and History.
This section may include medical history, past or current illnesses, developmental milestones, and/or other physical, biological and medical factors.

• Social Development and History.
This section may include education,
work history, significant relationships, interests, social networks, and significant life events.

• Strengths.
This section should include an overview of the main
character’s strengths.

PART 2: Identity Formation in Adolescence and Emerging Adulthood (3-4 pages)
One of the main psychological tasks of adolescence and young adulthood is the process
of identity formation.
Present an in depth discussion on one theoretical model of identity formation (you may NOT use Erikson) that best explains the character’s construction of

PART 3: Attachment and Relationships (3-4 pages)
Attachment relationships are central to emotional and social well being throughout the
life cycle.
Present an in depth theoretical discussion of the attachment system of your character.

PART 4: Social Issues (3-4 pages)
• Identify one important social issue as portrayed in your novel (for example, slavery, oppression, housing, immigration, healthcare) and explore how this
social issue uniquely affects your character as an emerging adult.

• In addition include an intersectional analysis of gender, race, class, sexual orientation and/or other cultural factors pertinent to your character’s identity
formation and attachment system.Throughout the paper, provide conceptual and empirical evidence to support your arguments, referencing a minimum of 12 scholarly works, at least 3 of which must be outside materials
(i.e., not on any SOWK syllabus).

The paper should be 12-16 pages in length (not counting references or title page), double-spaced, with 1-inch margins on all sides

The evaluation of the paper will be based on whether you addressed all aspects of the assignment, the
appropriate use of the theoretical concepts you have chosen, the strength of your analysis, the quality
of your written work (organization, flow, clarity, grammar, spelling), and the correct application of APA
style. If you have any questions about APA style, please refer to our library libguides and the writing
tutorials from our writing center.

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